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Stimmungen am See
... ein Gedicht


Hier ein Gedicht von unserem Gast Steve, über das wir uns sehr gefreut haben:

Summer by the lake

Martina and her Alois live up by the lake,
Serve visitors with good coffee, and fresh plum cake.
"It's the best place in the world", Alois said to me,
As he looked out from his kitchen, at the water, hills and trees.
Martina at the boat house serves sausages and beer,
And her laughter has a magic that draws the people near.
Our summer days beside the lake felt like a paradise,
Lazy fish and Baby ducks hypnotized our eyes.
Limousines may fill car parks and mansions in the hills,
Hotels stuffed with tourists having fancy fun and thrills.
Yet my idea of privilege is when there's magic in a place,
When it's free from ugliness and kitsch, yet full of peace and grace.

 Steve 27/07/2013



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